About Nanook

Why Nanook?Nanook

Nanook was a lovely black Newfoundland dog which lived in Thredbo Village during the sixties and seventies.

He was a gentle giant who in winter, would pull the children along in a sleigh. Nanook would know when to stop and when to start as he was only happy while everyone else was looked after and were having a good time.


Thredbo Village is Australia’s premier year-round resort, open 365 days a year, and lies in the valley of the Thredbo River at the foot of the Ramshead Range. The Village sits at 1365 metres above sea level and is set within the 690,000 hectares of the Kosciuszko National Park, making it one of Australia’s highest alpine towns.
Nanook and Little Nanook are found within Squatters Run, which overlooks Thredbo Village Square. The Village Square is the heart of Thredbo and has all your dining and shopping needs covered.